Using the Site:

It couldn't be any simpler. Just enter a town (e.g. London) or postcode (e.g. W1A 1AA) or a partial postcode (e.g. W1A), then click the search icon (the magnifying glass image at the right of the town/postcode box).

There will be a list of nearby meets on the left and their locations will be shown on the map on the right.

To view a particular meet just click on the pin on the map, or on the meet on the left.

If you want to go back to the search results just click the browsers back button.

Wherever you are in the site, clicking the Biker meets... logo top left will allow you to do a new search.


If you want to rate any meeting places, upload images, add new venues or update existing ones, you need to be logged into the site. To get a login you need to register first.

Click on the Sign in / Register button, then you'll see a register link below a login box. Click on that and you'll be able to register.

We just want a username, your e-mail address (so we can send you the login confirmation), and your password.

We don't store your password as plain text so only you will know it - so if you forget it you will have to go back to the Sign in / Register page and request a new password.

If your username has already been used then we'll advise you so you can choose a different one.

If your e-mail address has already been used then you already have an account so should request a new password for it.

Once you've registered you'll get an e-mail with a confirmation link - we do this so we know you're a real person and not some spam bot. Click on that (or copy and paste it into your browser's address box) and your registration will be complete.

You'll now be able to login to the site.

My Biker Meets

Once you've signed in you will see an additional 'My Biker Meets' button. Clicking on this will take you to a page with a menu and a listing of your Pending Edits, Created Meets, and Edited Meets.

Pending Edits are new meeting places and updates that haven't been approved yet. Created Meets are meets that you have created and which have been approved. Edited Meets are meeting places you haven't created but have updated (and the updates approved).

The menu allows you to add a new meet, change your password, and change your e-mail address.

Adding new Meets

Ok, so the page to add a meet looks daunting and long, but it's really easy.

Enter the name of the meeting place, and then select the type that best describes it. Biker friendly venues are places that welcome bikers at all times, general biker meeting places are places that have a specific meet (e.g. weekly or monthly) but may or may not have a cafe nearby.

Then you should find the place on the map. Double click on it to zoom in. Click and hold to move it about. Please make sure you zoom right in until you can see the meeting place on the map (it should change to an aerial view). When you've located the place on the map, just click on it once to set a pin.

If you know it's address you can then enter it, but if you don't know it you can leave it blank.

If you know the times that the meet takes place (or the opening times for a Pub, Cafe, or Restaurant) then click the Add a time link to display a box where you can select the meet times (should be fairly self-explanatory).

You can then check all the facilities that the meeting place offers (and add notes if there are any specific details).

Type up a little description of the meeting place - you don't have to but it will help others if you describe what the meet is all about and what it caters for.

Then if you want you can add a link.

Finally you click the Submit button at the very bottom to send your new meeting place off for approval. If you've missed anything then it will let you know.

When it is approved you'll get an e-mail telling you so.

Updating Meets

When you click on a meeting place from the map, you get shown all the details for that meeting place. You will also see an [ Update ] link at the top-right. If you click on this then you can update the details we have for that meet.

Updating is the same as adding a new meet - you can change all the details you think should be changed, then scroll to the bottom and click Subit to send your changes off for approval.

When they are approved you'll get an e-mail telling you so.

General Ignorance

If you have any problems then please get in touch with us.